High Country RSVP

Collection of Volunteer Hours for RSVP Volunteers

RSVP provides many services to our volunteers and our volunteer stations. Volunteers help us by reporting their volunteer time to us. We record this volunteer time and report to the Corporation for National Service, Garfield County, and many of our funders. In our interconnected world, statistics and information are critical! We use this information not only for reporting purposes, but also to use in grant requests we make throughout the year that support programs and services that are directly and indirectly beneficial for seniors and to enhance the volunteer experience in our community. We ask that you enter your hours on a timesheet and send it to our office monthly. You do NOT have to have your volunteer station supervisor sign your time sheet. There are many ways you can submit your hours:

  • You can turn your timesheet in at any of the senior meal sites
  • Mail it
  • Fax it to 970-947-8488
  • Call in your hours to 970-947-8462
  • Submit your hours online. Click here